Hey girls! Some of you might be out of school and ready to hit the beach! Today's blog post is dedicated to help you survive the beach!


What you'll need ...

 Water- Keep hydrated! The sun drains out a lot of your energy.

Sun screen- Keep your skin safe apply sunscreen of your face,legs,arms and any showing skin.

 Shades and Sun hats- Don't ruin your vision,for even more protection  add a cute sun hat! 

 Bug spray- Keep those pesky blood sucking bugs away!

 Lip balm- Apply lip balm for prevention of chapped lips.  

 Flip Flops- You can wear any shoes, but for a easy slip on and off, Flip Flops are your best bet.

 Tote- Keep track of your stuff.Including the products listed above. 

Have a great summer love,
                                MODEST TEEN, XOXO