Back to School

OK, for some of us going back to school is really lame! But for us chance takers , this is just a new opportunity! Honestly, going back to school is a big deal for popularity, reputations to be broken, and a new fresh start.Today's blog post is all about going back to school! since some of us might be starting 
 in months or week! its always good to be prepared. 

1. What you'll need: Lip balm, travel size face cleanser, DE-ode rant, Scented lotion, perfume, moisturizing lotion, Breath mints, travel size floss, Tooth brush and tooth paste(just in case), Extra gym shorts, elastic hair holders, bobby pins, anti- bacterial, Travel size hairspray, Nail file, Nail clippers, Clear coat nail polish, Head band, Pocket tissues, Pantie liners and pads, extra undies, flush able wipes, and wash cloth ( for face) 


2. Socialization: Don't expect people to come up to you right away! You haven't shown that you act different than last year ,so express that difference threw social skills.

Sorry had to make this blog post short, but I hope this will help when you go back to school,